Werner Yacht Design has been dedicated to the design of exclusive motor yachts for the past seventeen years. Werner’s design studio is renowned for its uncompromising focus on combining beauty and performance, all based on a strong conviction that yachts should look like a dream and handle like a dream. At the same time, the studio aims not just to design a yacht for a client, but rather with the client. Encouraging clients to become involved as much as possible when creating a yacht that fits them like a hand in a glove.

Despite all modern software, every design still always starts with a pencil and a blank sheet of paper. Werner persists in this approach as it is much more conducive to creating new designs every time, compared to designing with the aid of CAD software, resulting in revised copies of earlier designs. Of course, once the shape of things has finally been established, the software takes over. While this may seem like an end to the romantic idea of traditional design, it is actually the best guarantee that the yacht will perform as well as was promised: like a dream.
A very attractive example of this is Werner’s design of the 88’ Semi Classic “Orizzonte”. The assignment at the time was to design a family motor yacht in a length between 24 and 30 meters. The client’s paramount objective was to make it the prettiest looking and best performing motor yacht ever. And no effort was saved to achieve this during the design and build process. The client was involved in the decision making of even the smallest detail. Two years later he saw his dream being fulfilled when his motor yacht was finally being launched. Later that season, when he found himself in a gale force storm on the North Sea, his skipper told him that he would never find another yacht that would handle as comfortable as this 88’ Semi Classic.

The yacht, designed and built in compliance with the rules and regulations of Lloyd’s Register, offers every bit of comfort one can wish for. It was built to a superyacht standard, with full back-up systems for all technical and electric installations. The exterior and interior were inspired by styles that prevailed in the late 1960’s, early 1970’s. The exterior with mirror like white paintwork in combination and gloss varnished teak and a lot of sparkling stainless steel detailing. The interior is finished in French walnut in combination with off-white paintwork, all in a satin finish.