On Tuesday, October 18th 2016, the members of the NBJA had a tour at Valk Welding in Alblasserdam and Marquip also located in Alblasserdam. After the tour, Mr Verbaas of Lloyd’s Register gave a lecture about the rules of glazing on yachts.

Valk Welding is a company specialized in welding, especially on welding robots. The presentation was focused on the applicability of welding robots, but also the 3D printing of steel parts. During the tour Mr. Remco Valk showed the various test setups of the welding robots.

Marquip is a company specialized in exhaust systems for large pleasure yachts. Attention was given to noise reduction, emission control and exhaust cooling control.

Yachts are more and more constructed with glazing in places which are exposed to loads by the water, but also loads by, for example, bending moments. Mr. Verbaas gave a presentation on the different types of glass and the advantages and disadvantages in using them. In addition, Mr. Verbaas explained the various regulations such as ISO standards, rules of flag states, several class offices, etc.